I'm Simon Milburn, a DC-based software engineer, currently with Esri. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


  • Languages: Java, Python, Go, C++, JavaScript, Perl
  • Software Technologies: Git, Unix, Docker, Terraform, Spring, Hibernate, JBOSS EAP, ROS, JUnit, AutoCAD, ArcGIS
  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Intel Edison

Past Projects

Here are some of my recent projects that I've worked on.

Treasure Hunt

Group project using ROS and OpenCV to control a Turtlebot robot to autonomously navigate a course and detect a given set of objects. I was responsible for the OpenCV object recognition side of the project. Here's a boring video if you want to see the project in action.


At Bitcamp 2016, worked with my team to create a virtual-reality language learning app to allow for immersive learning to keep students engaged. Used Microsoft's Speech API to allow for voice recognition and TTS integrated into Unity. Here is the link to the devpost.


Independent project to create an affordable electronic shifting system for my bicycle. Designed 3D printed servo mounts connected to the derailleurs allowing for an intelligent shifting system. Currently looking into the viability of wireless protocol and integration with a speedometer/power meter.

Contact Me

If you'd like to talk to me for more information, feel free to reach out here.
email: [email protected]
linkedin: scmilburn
github: scmilburn